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Why Thinktech

Why thinktech?

  We are the official and authorized RangeForce training partner in Australia and the wider APAC region

  We are a dedicated training organization, specializing in technical disciplines and providing training courses in the areas of engineering, networking, Smart Buildings, IoT, digitalization, automation, cybersecurity and related subjects

  We are serving educational, commercial, IT, data centre, retail, financial industries among others

  Our team is available to provide local and tailored customer support

  We offer attractive pricing and corporate discounts

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RangeForce Cyber Sieges are online cyber battle simulation challenges for enterprise defenders, normally lasting around 6 hours in total. They are fast-paced, competitive and fun events, akin to “special forces” exercises. Participants must find, fix and eliminate attacks whilst guaranteeing that all services remain up and running and using only rudimentary tools or freely available open source technology. Core ninja skills are required here!

All our current sieges are single player games and participants are pitted against each other on a leaderboard, allowing the events to be incentivised and outstanding employees rewarded. Participants learn the importance of permanent vigilance and professional diligence, an appreciation of the significance of a corporate cybersecurity strategy and a new understanding of the impacts of a serious breach on the organisation.


Cyber-sieges capable of remote deployment available:

Break Point

(approx. 4-6h, individual/team, onsite)

Blue team siege that requires the participant to investigate, repair and patch a website affected by a defacement, investigate and patch a database leak, investigate and respond to suspicious mail server traffic and investigate and respond to a lock out event on a web application. (OWASP, SQLi, unrestricted file upload, blind command injection, PHP shells, privilege escalation, log analysis, network reconnaissance).

Lateral Damage

(approx. 4-6h, individual/team, remote or onsite)

Red-team siege that demonstrates a few vulnerabilities along with the use of exploited machines as a foothold from which to move laterally to other machines within a network. (MetaSploit, Nmap, redis-cli, Linux CLI).

Tom’s Dogf00D

(approx. 4-6h, individual, online, self-managed)

Purple Team siege. You must defend an e-shop and gain back your servers (backdoor, PHP-shell, Netstat, processes, packages, malware, OWASP, privilege esclt.)

In addition to the cyber-sieges, we also have a large selection of Challenge modules within the platform, designed to be taken individually and on-demand. The Challenges normally take around 45-60 minutes and focus on specific topics, also covered by our educational modules. Challenges do not include hints and can be used as part of an assessment, to understand and address skills gaps, as capstones in the Prescriptive Learning Paths and in an interview process for recruitment purposes.

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