Terms & Conditions

Booking and reservation policy

Training places are only reserved on the receipt of a valid purchase order.

Refunds for changes or cancellations

If you are unable to make it to the training and would like to make a cancellation of the booking, or change to a later course date, the following refund structure applies:

Refunds are based on the following scale

Period of notice given before course start date

Cancellation and change
(expressed as a % of total training price)

Over 6 weeks / 10%

29 – 42 days / 50%

15 – 28 days / 75%

0 – 14 days / 100%

Any refund applicable is by method of payment

Refunds are paid minus the cancellation charges as specified in the table above.

No refund is offered for students who do not attend or partially attend the course.

No refund is offered for students who do not achieve a pass grade for the course.

thinktech reserve the right to cancel the course at any time due to unforeseen circumstances that prevent the allocated trainer from attending the course or venue.

For the virtual classes – thinktech takes no responsibility for the internet connection speed at the student’s end.

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