HVAC and BMCS Controls Fundamentals

Why Thinktech

Why thinktech?

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Thinktech Course Description

Course description

The HVAC and BMCS Controls Fundamentals course provides the knowledge and skills required for the foundation to develop the successful careers of building services industry specialists.

– Designed for end users, facility operators, graduates, mechanical & electrical trades, sales professionals and engineers from different backgrounds

– The course is delivered over 2 days

– Can be delivered at your location and customised for the needs of your personnel

– Can be run as 1-day modules (HVAC or Controls only) or combined

The course ends with the exam testing the knowledge of HVAC and Control principals, after passing the exam, the attendee is awarded a course participation certificate.

Thinktech Dates

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Thinktech Course Breakdown

Course breakdown

Day 1

– Why do we need air conditioning?

– Comfort factors

– Cooling and heating loads

– Control in buildings

– Zoning – load variations

– Why control is needed

– Operational factors

– Control devices

Day 2

– Types of equipment

– System selection factors

– Typical control points

– Control application

– Control algorithms

– Variations in load control

– Exam

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