Survey Form 1


Please fill out the below survey form

    What is your industry sector?
    HVACBMCSHVAC & BMCSITManufacturingOther
    Would you be interested in requiring employee candidates undertaking a skills and knowledge assessment test for shortlisting prior to interview ?
    Have you conducted a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for your company / department?
    When setting your Co / Dep goals for the year / period, do you assess your Staff Capabilities and change needs to achieving those Goals? i.e Staff Skills, Team Structures, Software, Tools etc.
    Do your staff currently have the required skills to achieve these goals?
    Does your Staff need to acquire skills to enable your Co / Dep to achieve these goals?
    Does a knowledge Gap exist within your Team?
    What type of Training will help your team close this knowledge / skills gap?
    ProductIndustryTechnicalCyber SecurityOther
    Do you have / set an annual and/or company Training Budget?
    Would you be interested in hosting Training Events for your staff?
    Rate 1 – 4 (1 most preferred, 4 least preferred) your preferred method of training delivery:
    Face to Face: 1234 Virtual, Instructor Led: 1234 e-learning: 1234 e-learning hybrid: (Scheduled Instructor Interaction) 1234


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