Survey Form 6


Please fill out the below survey form

    How many years have you been in the BMCS Industry:
    What Platforms / Brands do you support?
    What level of Training have you previously completed?
    Diploma / DegreeTrade CertificateIndustry TrainingProduct Training
    Have the training courses you have attended covered the areas / skills you are looking for?
    What are the main challenges in relation to knowledge and skills do you encounter in your role?
    Understanding HVAC SystemsSystems Control Integration. (CEP-AHU-VAV)Control Strategies and Loop FunctionsEnergy Management ApplicationsSensors and EOL DevicesHLI’s and IntegrationOther
    If you had the opportunity, would you attend HVAC Training to grow your skill set?
    Please rate your interest in the below courses from 1 to 6 where 1 being most interested in and 6 being least interested in)
    HVAC Systems Design and Operation for BMCS Technicians / Engineers: 123456 IT Systems and Networks for BMCS: 123456 Systems Integration and Protocols: 123456 Air Handling Systems Design and Equipment Operating Laws: 123456 HVAC Systems (Hydronic / Air Handling) control design: 123456 Equipment and VSD HLI configuration and setup: 123456
    Rate 1 – 4 (1 most preferred, 4 least preferred) your preferred method of training delivery:
    Face to Face: 1234 Virtual, Instructor Led: 1234 e-learning: 1234 e-learning hybrid: (Scheduled Instructor Interaction) 1234


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