RangeForce Cyber Security Training

Team Cyber Readiness Platform


Build cyber readiness in an integrated cloud-based cyber range and hands-on training platform.

RangeForce’s unique combination of individual training, individual challenges, team exercises, and team assessments combine to form a powerful continuous training model that transforms cybersecurity teams from individual contributors of varying skill levels into a battle hardened, cohesive team of cyber experts. The results: increased cyber resiliency, greater security tool ROI, and improved detection and response process efficacy.

With hundreds of hours of training combined into role-based learning paths, security leaders can build career paths for their cyber pros that will increase retention as members see value in staying and building their skills into more specialized roles and developing into a mission-ready workforce.

RangeForce Solutions

RangeForce enables scalable cyber readiness from a single cloud-based platform. Access individual and team-based exercises for a variety of threats across experience levels and cybersecurity functions.

Cybersecurity Skills Development

Upskill your team with hundreds of interactive modules and challenges. Understand the threat landscape and see industry leading security tools and concepts in action.

Team-Based Threat Exercises

Validate your team’s defensive cyber readiness against real threats in highly realistic emulated environments. Assess and refine team operations to stay ahead of the next threat.

Free Community Edition

Take your career to the next level. Access hands-on, interactive cybersecurity training for free when you join the RangeForce Community Edition. No contract. No commitment.

The RangeForce Platform

1 Build cyber readiness with hands-on skills development.

2 Upskill in entirely emulated, realistic environments, featuring real IT infrastructure, real security tools, and real threats.

3 Cut cost over traditional cyber training programs and complex on-premise exercises.

What Makes RangeForce Different

Role-Specific Content Jump Starts Your Cybersecurity Training

RangeForce training aligns with the roles of your teams to ensure that relevant skills are prioritized and developed. Incorporate continuous and targeted training to promote career development, improve retention, and increase overall cyber-resilience. Specific training areas include SOC Analyst 1, SOC Analyst 2, Threat Hunter, Web Application Security (OWASP), and more. Additional content is developed and released continuously.

Security Training Orchestration Optimizes Your Technology Investment

Replicate your security stack in RangeForce and conduct effective team exercises to improve security orchestration and improve your technology ROI. Hands-on training brings staff up to speed quickly, optimizes SOC detection and response, and develops team coordination across processes and solutions.

Executive Reports Deliver Powerful Visibility Into Your Security Operations

Executive reports are designed to provide security leaders and senior executives with visibility into their teams’ capabilities and operational readiness. Understand your team’s through skill-based benchmarking and assessments.

Teams around the world are mastering cybersecurity operations with RangeForce.

Learn by defending against complex attacks. Assess real skills and identify areas for improvement.

Operations-based skills training, assessments, and attack simulations are the most effective ways to improve and measure a cybersecurity team’s capabilities, as well as develop better web application security and DevOps hygiene. With the RangeForce CyberSkills Platform, your team is better prepared to defend against advanced attacks.

Tell us about your organization.

Organizations face unique challenges when it comes to managing security operations and defending against cyber attacks. In contrast to conventional solutions, RangeForce offers a highly effective and affordable way to conduct specialized training for both individuals and teams.


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